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 Learn More about Preventing and Treating Dental Cavities

CAMBRA, which stands for CAries Management By Risk Assessment, is a system that dentists use to evaluate and treat patients with signs of dental caries, or tooth decay. Using the CAMBRA system, Dr. Kinsel evaluates a patient's teeth and gums, and then prescribes a regime of at-home care patients can follow to reduce their risk of cavities. Our San Mateo dental office uses the CAMBRA method to assess and treat patients more effectively.

How the CAMBRA System Works

CAMBRA was developed using scientifically-proven data (evidence-based medicine) on the evaluation and treatment of patients with dental caries. The CAMBRA method looks at all aspects of the processes that lead to the development of dental caries, and is an extremely effective way of treating the problem of tooth decay.

CAMBRA takes into account all of the different factors that affect an individual's caries risk, including:

• Current oral health status
• Diet
• Oral anatomy
• Oral health habits

Together with a clinical examination, this assessment provides Dr. Kinsel with all the information he needs to prescribe a customized plan of care to improve your oral health.

After the evaluation process, a your risk level for dental caries is identified as moderate, high, or extreme, and -- depending on which category you fall into – Dr. Kinsel gives you a list of specific recommendations for looking after your teeth and gums at home. These recommendations may include the use of specific dental care products, such as a prescription mouthwash or toothpaste.

The MyCAMBRA Self-Assessment App

In collaboration with other dentists around the San Mateo area, and as an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF, Dr. Kinsel has developed an iPad app that helps patients follow their own CAMBRA treatment progress. Approved by The University of California School of Dentistry in San Francisco, the app provides dentists with a simple and effective way of tracking their CAMBRA status, and of keeping them up-to-date with their progress. The app quickly identifies decay risks (moderate, high, extreme) with each patient’s specific treatment recommendations. Each patient receives individualized information on their oral health, and what they can do at home to stay on track.

CAMBRA Lets You Take Control of Your Oral Health

This system simplifies risk assessment and treatment, but more importantly, it empowers patients to take control of their own oral health. With specific at-home instructions to follow, patients are not left relying solely on dental treatment to protect their teeth; recommended at-home care can halt and even reverse the caries formation process.

For more information about CAMBRA or to receive an assessment, call Dr. Kinsel's San Mateo dental office for an appointment. You can also download a report on dental caries by clicking here.