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Dentures and Implants

Dentures and implants

        Dental implants give patients that have struggled with conventional dentures the opportunity for excellent stability, improved chewing and reduction of bone loss that normally occurs over time.   Overdentures have retentive inserts that are retained by implant abutments, but allow removal for proper cleaning. The stable overdenture has been shown to improve overall health because patients are able to eat a more normal diet.


        An alternative to the removable overdenture is the screw-retained fixed denture (hybrid denture). A computer designed titanium bar supports the denture teeth and is secured by screws to the implants. Although the denture remains in your mouth, we can remove the denture for maintenance if that should be needed. The denture is designed for easy cleaning each day.




Porcelain fixed bridges affixed to implants represents the ultimate in patient individuality. Our in-office master ceramist employs a myriad of porcelains to design prosthetic teeth and gum tissue uniquely suited for you. Porcelain eliminates functional wear and staining that may occur over time. The porcelain fixed bridge most closely simulates the appearance and feeling of natural dentition.